Introduce your kids to music that grabs their attention and secretly engages them with beneficial information.


         "A B C's " by Livie Rock!

Helps develop alphabetic knowledge

​​"Opposite's" by Livie Rock!

Helps students determine word meanings

"Jungle" by Livie Rock!

Introduces fun facts about jungle animals

"Piggy Bank" by Livie Rock!

Identifies the different values of coins, uses addition and counting to feed the Piggy Bank

"BFF" by Livie Rock!

Teaches kids the importance of being a good friend and maintaing meaningful relationships

​Music - the universal language

"Research shows when the arts are included in a student’s curriculum, reading, writing, and math scores improve."​

- J. Buchen Milley, A. Oderlund, and J. Mortarotti, “The Arts: An Essential Ingredient in Education,” The California Council of the Fine Arts Deans.




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