Who is Livie Rock?

     Being a mom in a world where kids readily take a video game controller over a hard back book, it's not easy keeping their attention. They're more advanced and the old approaches to entertaining and educating could use a Livie Rock makeover. “Being a mom I just didn't recognize a need, I saw it as my duty to educate my kids. We have to reinforce what the teachers are teaching, and sometimes go beyond. Entertaining them, just came natural.” Livie Rock decribes her own music as a little bundle of kinetic energy that grabs your attention and keeps building, entertaining and tickling. “Its the sound track of a coloring book.”
     Livie Rock's pure interest in children has not only inspired this career path but aids in her regularly volunteering and donating. “Its extremely important to lead by example, being in the military taught me that. I have a intense love and respect for the art of music, the creation and the life it takes on. Its truly a wonder, and to be able to create it is a gift, loaned to the listeners.”
Livie Rock has not stopped performing locally and educating children since she realized their fascination with what she strummed and hummed on her guitar. All of whom have names and musical personalities. When questioned she blushes and with child-like eyes and explains. “ I give my guitars names based on the design and how I play when I hold them. My favorite, right now, is a candy red jazz guitar with heavy strings. I call her Candy Cane”.
    Livie Rock's musical influences include: Cynthia Erivo, Jill Scott, Janelle Monae, Celia Cruz, and Cee Cee Winans. When asked to elaborate she simply said: “I am so in awe of a great voice and I fall in love with a stunning performance.” A kid at heart, Livie Rock really can't image having a better responsibility. Her music has spilled over from her living room into yours. “When its all said and done, I want to be a good person, raising good kids, and making really really good music."


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